A little goes a long way

A few small but mighty app updates, and a call for feedback 📣

A little goes a long way

A generation feed for one and for all ⚔️

All generations are now preserved in the feed, chronologically sectioned by prompt. Toggle quickly between your images and the images produced by all project collaborators.

New and improved file sharing

You can now share files via email and change edit/view permissions per collaborator. Great for team or production ready work that should be safe and protected.

Copy + Paste

Use cmd/ctrl+C and cmd/ctrl+V to copy and paste any number of images, even across project files. Inspection still preserves the prompt, so you can easily load and generate from the images you love.

Enjoying Facet? We’d love to connect

Send us an email at create@facet.ai to let us know what you like and dislike, or what you’d like to see from us next.